Scholarships for Broadening Participation in the Sciences

Application Deadline: This program ends in May 2018, there is no funding for 2018/19.

About the Program
The Kent State University Scholarships for Broadening Participation in the Sciences (DUE 11-54422) will annually provide 21 undergraduate scholarships, averaging $5,000 each to promising science students. The scholarships will be awarded to students who are financially disadvantaged thereby enabling them to pursue a full-time program of studies that can be completed in four years. Scholarship awardees will be linked academically through a shared interest in computational and quantitative approaches to problem solving in the natural and physical sciences. The scholarship is renewable each year and available from academic year 2012/13 until 2016/17. This continues the scholarship program that started in 2007/08 and ended in 2011/12 (NSF DUE 06-31088).

A main goal of this program is to increase the diversity in the sciences. As such we highly encourage students from underrepresented groups to apply. Individuals from minority populations who are interested in pursuing careers in any of the science disciplines should consider applying. In addition, we highly encourage women interested in pursuing a career computer science or physics to apply.

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Funded by a grant from The National Science Foundation (DUE 11-54422) S-STEM Scholarships for Broadening Participation in Sciences.

URL: http://www.stem-scholarships.kent.edu/
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Last update: Jan. 16, 2018